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About Us

Aunt Oddie’s pies have become a highly sought after favorite in local Cleveland grocery stores year round. Her Award Winning Recipe has made her the talk of the town. Aunt Oddie has been featured in numerous articles in the Cleveland Plain Dealer as well as being a featured guest on several local television programs. She has also had the pleasure of serving Tyler Perry and his cast of "I Can Do Bad All by Myself". She has devoted ‘followers’ who order her pies on a regular basis from Washington, DC, New York, Maryland, Texas, Virginia, and other states across the country. She recently received orders from Korea. 


Aunt Oddies pies are the real thing. Each one is made by her own hands every day. Aunt Oddie's Delicious pies are made with just sweet potatoes and a few selected seasonings. Takes us back to the time when foods were pure.— Old school pie connoisseur, Ervin Metlock, Cleveland, OH

I’m a pie lover. When I can get Aunt Oddie's Pies, I try to get 2-3 at a time, and I can't stop eating them. The unique ingredients are simply goodness. 
— Calvin, Badin, NC

I am not a pie fan. It's the crust that I don't care for, but Aunt Oddie's, I eat all the filling by the spoon full, like pudding. 
— Karen, Albemarle, NC

Frankly speaking, the pie has such a distinctive flavor and texture; It’s the best I’ve tasted. The crust is moist but not doughy, the texture of potato is firm but not mushy and overall, it should be sold in many more store chains. It’s as if each pie just came out of the oven. The flavor and texture are unique when compared to store bought pies.
Janyce Rogers, New York