Aunt Oddie, plain and simple, makes ‘the best’ Sweet Potato Pies this side of the Mississippi! 
While she’s based in Cleveland, Ohio, it’s her Mississippi roots that give her pies that ‘down home’ flavor!  While you might think that the first ingredient in her pies would be sweet potatoes, it’s actually ‘Love’!  She uses only the finest ingredients, mixed and measured to perfection, then baked to that rich golden orange color that many have come to know and love. Then she sends them out, from her kitchen to yours, tasting ‘just like you just baked them yourself’, only without all the work!

Aunt Oddie’s pies have become a highly sought after favorite in local Cleveland grocery stores year round. Her Award Winning Recipe has made her the talk of the town.

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Angela Mia Pizza
15811 Euclid Ave,
East Cleveland, OH 44112

Brooklyn Barbecue

6102 Memphis Ave
Cleveland OH, 44144

California Market
7914 St Clair
Cleveland OH 44103 

Benham @ E. 116 

Daves Supermarkets
3301 Payne Ave
Cleveland Ohio 

Food Market Plus
East 100 @ Woodland

Glenville Market
1082 E. 105
Cleveland OH 44108 

Hanini  HP Markets
 E. 139 @ Union

Kims Wings 
14909  St Clair
Cleveland OH 44110

22382 Lakeshore
Euclid OH 44123

Kinsman Eagles Market  
7515 Kinsman Rd
Cleveland OH 44104

11505 St Clair
Cleveland OH 44108

Miles Supermarket
4127 E. 131  (In Miles Plaza)
Cleveland Ohio

Pizza Express
Warrensville Rd @ Harvard

Rapid Stop Kitchen

1712 E. 55 Street
Cleveland OH 44103

Sam Sylk Chicken and Fish  
22295 Euclid Avenue, Euclid, OH 44117
4122 Mayfield Rd, South Euclid, OH 44121
3761 Lee Rd Cleveland, OH 44128

Shaw Sav Mor BiRite
12901 Shaw Ave
Cleveland OH 44108

Superior Deli and Restaurant
3000 Superior Ave
Cleveland OH 44114

Vienna Market
     14104 St Clair
    4797 Turney Rd   
    6630 Broadway
    East Cleveland

28 Center Rd, 
Bedford OH


Aunt  Oddies 

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